About GlassBox Media

About GlassBox Media CIC

Company Mantra We aim to deliver an online networking site which interfaces with businesses, charities and community groups enabling them to promote themselves further online, in aid of raising awareness of what services the businesses and their communities can offer each other, and to assist in building working relationships to the benefit of both.  Promotional Video Production & Video Search Engine Optimisation, YouTube Channel Management, Online Marketing, Social Media Search Engine Optimisation & Management and Search Engine Optimisation Web Development.

Founded September 2012 and registered with Companies House and the Community Interest Regulator on the 3rd January 2013 Company number 08346211

Our Team

The team at GlassBox Media CIC has many years of combined experience offering media services in many sectors. Our in-house creative department consists of producers, editors, production assistants, designers and animators are with you every step of the way whether you are after Commercial Video ProductionWebsite Design and Event Management, we are here to help.

Each member of the team has attained a reputation within the business community for delivering high quality services and working with high profile companies and after combining expertise can now provide businesses and communities with a ‘one-stop shop’ for networking and services alike.

Sarah Jones – Owner & Managing Director of GlassBox Media CIC.

Sarah - Managing Director of GlassBox Media CIC

Sarah – Managing Director of GlassBox Media CIC

I run a video production company which specialises in maximising your on-line presence through various means.

On leaving school I went into Hospitality and Catering industry, where I spent the next ten years (which seems like eons ago!) and my passion for giving people the best customer care and high end service was born. This customer care work ethic has influenced my career decisions through my 20’s and now into my 30’s.

I’m driven by seeing my clients faces light up when everything comes together with a finished product. Their passion for their own business re-ignited, when they see how their videos communicate their core values to their prospective customers and their online marketing platforms working more effectively.

Creativity is key, so your videos will include the highest quality graphics making your videos stand out from the crowd. The same creativity permeates throughout our studio, ensuring you’re having fun making the videos, humour will shine through endearing you to your potential customers.

GlassBox Media CIC

Press Van – Olympic Torch Relay Felixstowe

Having appeared on video myself, both as a presenter and interviewee I am acutely aware of the stress and insecurity about being filmed. As such my client’s receive the best pre and post production care and above all, have fun!

My past roles have broadened my knowledge and understanding of the way in which we market and sell both as individuals and as businesses and I actively apply my proficient skill set, in the running of GlassBox Media CIC.
Previous roles include, recruitment consultant, junior portrait photographer, advertising sales, fundraising coordinator, event planner and community media management.

In my spare time I am equally diverse in my hobbies, if I am not immersed in a movie (self confessed movie buff!), on a sunny day I am out roaming the countryside near my home with my camera, or off road driving around the green lanes of East Anglia. In the evenings I am on occasion, out on paranormal investigations if I am not out socialising with my friends!

Connect with me at FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn.

Alex Wilmot – Website Designer

GlassBox Media CIC Wilmot Design Suffolk Web Development

Alex – Wilmot Web Design

Formerly a member of the GlassBox Media CIC team since the beginning in 2012 my role was to over see the creation process of the clients production and post production work. Now director of Wilmot Design, I still work closely with the GlassBox team.

I started out in media at college with my major subject being video production and once I completed my course I decided to go straight into the industry to earn experience. During my studies I proudly earnt awards for both animation and website design which were my two minor subjects. My experience has been applied to GlassBox Media CIC and has opened up new areas of services such as green screen production and animation.

Alex Wilmot Design Suffolk Web Development

Alex – filming on location

Previous roles include production assistant and photograph editor expanding my knowledge of media, professionalism and customer satisfaction.

In my spare time I am a music lover and I also play multiple instruments experimenting with writing and recording different music. With studying video I can’t help but adore films and creating my own imaginative ideas for future use. My love for that industry lead me to securing several exclusive interviews with globally recognised bands and film directors. One of GlassBox Media’s interviews features on the NME music website! You can view them here.

Connect with me at Facebook, LinkedIn or read more about Wilmot Design.


Our Extended Business Team In addition to the staff of GlassBox Media, we work alongside many other businesses from across all sectors. This allows us to pool professional resources for our customers the complete package when it comes to their advertising, marketing, print, events and more.