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‘Man of Steel': Superman Review

Man of Steel (2013) Bringing the Last Son of Krypton to the silver screen has always been difficult business, and although Christopher Reeve’s campy seventies-and-eighties incarnations of the Man of Steel have become cult...

The Age of the Internet

The Age of the Internet

Living in the internet age can be a double-edged sword. With our ever-increasing reliance on technological wizardry to connect, organise and entertain us, it’s easy to forget just how in the dark one can...


Faderhead: FH4 and more!

We are proud to present our interview with German electric musician Faderhead ahead of his 6th album ‘FH4′. Here is what the man had to say. Thank you for taking your time to speak with GlassBox...

Physical vs. Digital

Physical vs. Digital

With the recent news of HMV going into administration, is the future of the physical release on the sharp decline or is online shopping simply to blame? Physical vs. Digital! In the last year, digital...