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Protafield – Nemesis Review

Protafield – ‘Nemesis’ review 8/10 GlassBox Media have been granted access to Protafield’s debut album ‘Nemesis’. After finding success with his solo project, Jayce Lewis has decided to continue his apocalyptic sound with a...

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‘Man of Steel': Superman Review

Man of Steel (2013) Bringing the Last Son of Krypton to the silver screen has always been difficult business, and although Christopher Reeve’s campy seventies-and-eighties incarnations of the Man of Steel have become cult...

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Skindred Invade Ipswich

GlassBox Media is very proud to announce this interview as an exclusive with Skindred during their last Union Black tour. Ahead of their performance at the Railway Inn in Ipswich, we discussed the past, present and future...