Corporate Events

Corporate Events

GlassBox Media CIC are more than aware of the issues companies face when hosting an event or fundraising.

Video promotion, in an ever evolving online society, is the way forward for many organisations to promote what they offer.

How can we help you promote your corporate event?

We have access to the following services which can help in enhancing your event.

* Graphic Designers
* Printed Flyers and Posters
* National or Local Newspaper ads
* National or Local Magazine Ads
* PR and Marketing Companies
* National or Local Radio ads
* Online advertising

*Promotional Videos

By producing a series of promotional videos prior and during an event.

These will consist of coming soon videos, interviews with project and organisation leaders talking about what the event is in aid of and how to get involved. These can then be used across multiple promotional platforms such as websites and social media.

*Social Media Platforms

In addition to the video content, GlassBox Media will act as an agent for the group and actively promote the organisation on its Social Media Platforms.

Often people set up Facebook pages and events pages within Facebook and fail to manage and promote them in an effective manner. We offer free tuition to events organisers to assist them in maximising the online profile.

We can also help you in enhancing your online presence by guiding you through setting up and maintaining the following social media platforms

  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter
  • Facebook page
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • LinkedIn Company Page
  • Google+ Profiles
  • Google+ Company Page
  • YouTube
  • Instagram

If you would like assistance in the social media aspect click here: Contact Us