Deadcell: ‘The Dark Side of Light’ Review

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Review: Deadcell – The Dark Side Of Light’


Dutch Industrial-Metallers Deadcell return with the release of their 5th studio album, ‘The Dark Side Of Light’. This new venture is the most diverse and powerful output Deadcell has achieved to date. The mastermind behind the operation is Marcus Bodine who keeps the spirit of industrial metal burning brightly with a sound that incorporates elements of Ministry, Rob Zombie and Rammstein. Over the years Deadcell has toured with the likes of Hanzel und Gretyl, Deathstars, KMFDM, Die Krupps and Unheilig which I feel has had an effect on this next chapter of Deadcell.

Most bands that make it to album number five tend to be repeating their past but this cannot be said for this band! Even from the first listen I could already tell this is Deadcell’s best album and provides everything Marcus promised us in our exclusive with him. What follows is a track by track guide to this monster of an album:

The album starts off with ‘Ode to F*ck’, an intro in some respects that later on the album features an extended version. In all, it’s a celebration of the F word with blasting beats and hard driving guitars to wet your appetite for the rest of the album. What follows is the bands next music video, ‘Dog of War’. If Deadcell was my creation, I would also pick this dancefloor bomb as my choice of video. The song is a perfect blend of Ministry and Rob Zombie that will leave you banging your head with the volume up on full!

‘Fear Heaven, Burn the King’ starts off with a slower pace before hitting you with a crunching dark sound and sections of pure mayhem. Keyboards come into place importantly on this song with a haunting echo as well as the usual industrial force sounds that make Deadcell so perfect. ‘The Dark Side of Light’ has a post apocalyptic feeling to it along with a more recent Ministry sound. This one feels much more stompy and has a chorus that is hard not to nod your head along to. It’s at this point of the album that you realise you can’t leave it unfinished. It’s an epic journey that needs to be experienced to the end.

GlassBox Media CIC Suffolk Ipswich Video Production - Deadcell‘My Sacred House’ will be another fan favourite that features (I think for the first time ever) female vocals which again shows the bands willingness to experiment with new ideas and break away from any typical sound you may have thought Deadcell developed. The verse contains an almost drum and bass beat that leads perfectly into a chorus that will have you moving at the next Deadcell show you attend. This one is definitely in my top 3 from this album.

Back now to the familiar Deadcell stomp with song ‘(Been Through Hell) Live to Tell’ that offers up a chilling chorus and a keyboard solo that reinforces this much like ‘Fear Heaven, Burn the King’. This song (for me) creates a mental image of a city in ruin after the apocalypse…I think by now you understand how powerful this album truly is. ‘Die Tomorrow’  feels more bass guitar orientated with the bass shinning through during the verses. It’s not often I pick up on bass but this sounds simply beautiful. Towards the end extra drums break in and gets just that little bit more menacing just as you think it couldn’t.

The final track (besides ‘Ode to F*ck (Extended)) is ‘L’anima Finita’ which begins with an echoing guitar tone that reminds me of one used on KoRn’s ‘Issues’ album. Softer vocals  are present here for the verses before Bodine’s viciousness kicks in for the chorus. The song is a fitting end to an album that brings out the best Deadcell has offered since it’s creation. Personally I am so pleased for the band to bring out an album that I hope will prove important in the industrial scene. A general note would be how great the production for this album is and how it even rises above the bands past great works. As I listen to this album, there are songs that I want to replay as soon as it’s finished which proves there really is something to this beast! To put it simply…this album is worth your money and big things should be on the horizon for Deadcell!

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