Deathstars: “Darkness On High Heals”

GlassBox Media is very proud to present the following interview with Deathstars vocalist Whiplasher Bernadotte. We catch up on what the band have been up to this last year and what is in store for the future!

Thank you for taking your time to speak with GlassBox Media. Deathstars has always offered up a dark sound with elements of industrial bursting out. Who or what influences the music and lyrical themes?

Whiplasher Bernadotte: I think the combination of us coming from the more extreme northern metal underground in the early 90’s, combined with our passion for bands like KISS, Iggy & the Stooges, MC5, dark synth and glamrock makes it something that represents what we are doing. We are not loyal to any genre, but what we call Deathglam. It’s darkness on high heals, and some oral sex too.

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Last year you were lucky enough to join the mighty Rammstein on the road. What was the experience like and do you feel it’s made a huge impact on the bands future popularity?

WB: Yes, it was great fun. We’ve been talking to Rammstein about that some year earlier so when I heard that they were going on tour, and I had just come home from the Chinese Sea where I lived for a while, I texted Till and he was very eager to get us to join, so it was a nice vibe all together. Massive tour, 50 sold out arenas, tons of pyro and of course the ever entertaining Rammstein.

It’s fair to say both Deathstars and Rammstein have a good sense of humour. Are there any funny stories from the Made In Germany tour to tell?

WB: Indeed. The weirdest stories – every night. But what happens on tour stays there.

For that tour you released a best of album which included two new songs. Will these songs make the final cut of the new album and if so do they indicate the sound of the album?

WB: It was more of a compilation album that was released to summon what we’ve done so far on the three first albums, and to put an end to a phase. Now we’re moving into a new one, with a semi-new member, Vice, in the studio. The songs “METAL” and “Death is Wasted on the Dead” indicates some of how the new material will be, but I think we have much more new ideas now, since it’s been a while since we recorded those tracks.

GlassBox Media CIC Suffolk Ipswich Video Production Whiplasher - Deathstars

Have you approached writing music differently now as to when you first started out and how?

WB: No, not really. Me and Nightmare send songs back and forth to each other like when we started to play together as young kids in 1993. No big difference really. The thing is that we keep the songs to ourselves, we don’t let anyone listen to it before it’s all done. Emil also produces so… it’s a pure band matter until it’s released.

In 2007, you won the UK’s ‘Get In The Ring’ contest against stiff competition such as Turisas. Do you feel a special relationship to the UK for welcoming you with open arms?

WB: The U.K has always been important for us because people there really welcomed up to us with their arms and loins as soon as everything took off. Maybe it’s because of there history with dark rock music that we got a lot of appreciation there. In Scandinavia it’s only metal music that is hip and cool, and we don’t really belong to that scene anymore. We’re more of a bastard phenomenon in itself I guess. We don’t even know what Deathstars is, but the englishmen seem to like it, therefor we love them.

It’s been a few years since your last UK headline tour. Are there any plans to return for a tour or festival performance?

WB: No, actually we’ve turned down all tour and festival offers because we’re in the studio for the summer and fall. We’re leaving for a small tour in Australia in one week, then stay for some vacation there and back to Sweden to continue wrapping up the writing of the next album.

If you could form a supergroup with you being the vocalist, who else would you include in your band?

WB: Paul Stanley, Keith Moon, Wayne Kramer, Townes Van Zandt and Eerie Von.

If Spielberg approached Deathstars for a Hollywood blockbuster, what storyline would you want?

WB: Maybe a mix of what he’s done before: E.T get’s stuck in Jurassic Park and eaten by a T-Rex, the T-Rex then get whipped to death by Indiana Jones who in his turn get slayed by the robots in The War of the Worlds. In the end a huge transuniversal Shark, Jaws that is, kills everyone and gets stuck without a citizenship at an airport Terminal.

Many thanks for speaking with us!

WB: Pleasure was all mine.

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