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GlassBox Media is proud to announce an exclusive interview with Deadcell front man Marcus Bodine. We find out what keeps the man going and what comes next for the industrial machine.

Thank you for taking your time to speak with GlassBox Media. Deadcell is a quite unique sounding project so what or who influences the music and lyrical themes?

Deadcell @ ORKZ Bar

Deadcell @ ORKZ Bar (Photo credit: Rich@rt)

Marcus Bodine (MB) : It’s a pleasure. Especially the first 2 DEADCELL albums (‘The Massacre’ and ‘State Of Fear’) contain a lot of electronic influences from mid 90s Industrial bands (White Zombie, Skinny Puppy, Ministry a.o.). From the 3rd record on (‘Black Rooster’) the influence of metal becomes more present. I used to listen to all kinds of metal when I was a teenager, which started me playing the guitar when I was 15 years old. I have a very open mind to most genres, so my influences literally can come from anything, anywhere, anytime.

Lyric wise I tend to work with ‘automatic writing’. Most of the time I just start recording a vocal melody and the lyrics tend to follow naturally. It’s always a surprise where an album leads me to lyrics wise. I like it when there’s some form of ‘coincidence’ in the writing process.

It was recently announced that 2013 will bring a new album from Deadcell entitled ‘The Dark Side Of Light’. What can we expect from this new release?

MB: The new album will be very spectacular on many levels. ‘The Dark Side Of Light’ is a very versatile DEADCELL record. It’s the first time for example that I’ve worked with a female vocalist. The album combines the best of loud & fast industrial/metal, melodic and experimental work.

In short, the album concept evolves around cosmic strings in the early universe – the very thin but very dense one-dimensional defects in space-time that could be responsible for the formation of galaxies. This concept will be brought to life in the most spectacular way we’ve ever done. Although the album concept is deep and philosophical, we manage to bring it onstage in an accessible and fun way.

Although I’ve worked on the entire album for almost a year, it has been recorded, mixed and mastered in only 3 months time. I wanted the album to sound raw and ‘in your face’. ‘The Dark Side Of Light’  is expected to be released in April 2013 through Zero To Midnight records. Early March 2013 pre-sales will start for a limited amount of signed copies through and

In 2006, your first album ‘The Massacre’ was released which sold out on the label. Many fans have not heard these songs so is a re-release ever likely?

MB: I definately want to re-release this album in the future, since it’s a DEADCELL classic. In the early days our live concept was completely different & many people haven’t heard these songs live. Songs like ‘Newborn Sin’, ‘Hardliner’, ‘Radio Silence’ and ‘End Of Honour’ are still powerful songs which deserve to be heard by a larger audience.

Deadcell @ ORKZ Bar

Deadcell @ ORKZ Bar (Photo credit: Rich@rt)

Your live performances are very technology based with animations being a big feature. Is there any influence on your live shows from other bands or do you focus more on being unique?

MB: I’ve always considered technology to be a big part of the DEADCELL sound. We only use digital equipment to record & perform our music. When I started DEADCELL in 2006, I started collaborating with visual artists. I always focus on being unique, which sometimes isn’t valued or understood. In my opinion DEADCELL has always been ‘ahead of their time’, which works both positive and negative. For some people it literally is a shock, since we’re so different than most bands.  But to me, that’s the whole point of creating art. What’s the point of being the same like everyone else?

What equipment do you use to achieve the Deadcell sound?

MB: A lot of studio tools. For the guitar sound we work with LINE6 digital amps, which we are endorsed by.

2012 saw you releasing your first music video for ‘Unchained’. What was the experience like and can we expect another video for the upcoming album?

MB: It was the first professional video we did & it was an amazing experience. We worked with the best crew and director (Leonardo Cariglino) we could dream of. The entire concept, filming and editing was done in only 6 weeks time. It was a lot of work, but very rewarding. We wanted to create something unique & professional, and looking at the result we’ve succeeded in this goal.

At the moment we’ve already started working on a new animation video. When everything goes as planned, it should be available when the new album is released.

Over the last few years you have toured with many bands including Hanzel und Gretyl, Deathstars, Die Krupps and Unheilig. How different is it to go out and play to another bands audience from your own?

MB: In the beginning it was quite exciting because we didn’t know what to expect. But after more than 250 shows we’ve become a very routined band. We’re very confident onstage. And most of the current tours we’re doing are co-headlining, meaning people visit the concert for both bands. To us, every show is an opportunity the reach new fans with our music.

What other bands would it be a dream to go on tour with?

MB: Rammstein, Rob Zombie and Ministry. Especially the latter would be a dream come true. And we’re also really looking forward to touring with Stahlzeit in 2013.

Are there any plans to return to the UK?

MB: In fact we have been working on new UK shows for some months, so we’ll definitely be touring the UK soon.

Thank you for speaking with us!

MB: Thanks for the interview.

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