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We are proud to present our interview with German electric musician Faderhead ahead of his 6th album ‘FH4′. Here is what the man had to say.

Thank you for taking your time to speak with GlassBox Media! Faderhead is a growing underground force with EBM influences but how would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard your material?

FH: I describe it as a mixture of Daft Punk and Rammstein or as “sounding like The Incredible Hulk is having sex with Paris Hilton”

FH4 (out now)

FH4 (out now) (Photo credit: Faderhead)

Your new album, ‘FH4′ comes out March 1st. What style is the album and does it compare to any of your past works?

FH: It’s electronic, danceable and poppy. It’s less aggressive and less dark than my last two/three releases and that’s one of the reasons why I decided to call it ‘FH4’ – because it sounds more diverse and a little more like my first two albums FH1 and FH2.

Is there a single/music video planned for release any time soon?

FH: Yes, I think we will make a music video to “Dancers” – if I can come up with a decent idea for the video. Otherwise we just film hot chicks dancing.

You’ve mentioned to fans on Facebook that since ‘FH4′ was completed you’ve gone on to write more songs. Have you planned what to do with these songs? A summer EP maybe?

FH: Definitely not. Releasing anything within 6-10 months of the last release often has a detrimental effect on the promotion/sales of the previous album. I don’t know when those songs will get released yet. But I write constantly anyway, so it doesn’t really make a difference if I wrote the songs now or in November.

In 2009 you released the ‘Horizon Born’ EP that was a departure from your usual sound. Would you ever consider releasing another but with a more metal sound?

FH: Definitely not. Guitars don’t work in electronic tracks. Anyone who says otherwise simply doesn’t have a concept of good guitar or synth tone. So Faderhead releases will not have guitars in it. I’ve been working on a bunch of projects that sound more rock/metal but can’t be bothered to release any of them because I don’t have the time/money/energy to promote them properly.

What software/hardware do you use in the studio and how hard is it to take to the live setting?

FH: I use a Windows 7 PC with Cubase 5 on it. I’ll probably update to Cubase 7 in six months (when they have worked out the bugs of the initial release). It is quite simple to take that over to the live setting because 80% of Faderhead gigs is playback, played by Ableton. This playback is obviously missing vocals and some synths. I sing my vocals live and the guys I play with add synthlines, filters and loops during the concert. It’s very simple and the whole setup fits in a bag. If you play electronic dance music and you bring massive synths and try to play as much live as you can, you are really doing something wrong. Fans of that musical style don’t want “human imperfection”. They want inhuman consistency.

Who would you most like to do a collaboration with?

FH: Uh. Busta Rhymes would be the first person that comes to mind. Maybe Slayer too.

Are there many albums you’re looking forward to this year as a fan?

FH: No. I don’t even know who’s releasing anything this year. Hopefully Nickelback will come out with a new one although their last one only came out in 2012, so I doubt it.

What is the worst condition you’ve left a hotel room in?

FH: It’s hard to answer that question because anytime a hotel room looked bad, we weren’t really all that “alive” to remember much, so I probably have forgotten the worst ones. I remember that we partied all night in Dallas in 2011 and that I ripped out the fire alarm and part of the radiator. The radiator was an accident and the fire alarm kept beeping but we didn’t know why and couldn’t stop it. At one point I got annoyed and tore it off the wall. Later someone told me that the beeping happens when the batteries are empty …

FH4 is out now and can be purchased from: Amazon (mp3) and MusicNonStop (CD).

Official merchandise is also available from the Faderhead store.

For more info visit: www.Faderhead.com

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