Field Fur & Feather Catering – Social Media SEO & Website Build

Roger Aston of Field Fur & Feather Catering, met Sarah through another arm of GlassBox (Top Hat & Veils – YouTube Wedding Channel) it transpired that he needed some much needed advice on not only his website but also his social media channels.

Sarah designed and built the website and also designed Field Fur & Feather Catering its new Logo!

The website is fully integrated with add to any button sharing so people viewing Field Fur & Feather site can easily share pages to their own social media, there is a fully interactive calendar synced to Google Calendar to allow easy client bookings. The main thing which stands out is the full size gallery. Displaying Rogers food was one of the main priorities. Testimonial Sliders and a blog are following shortly.

Check out the site here: Field Fur & Feather Catering

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