Geraldine Ann Ford – Social Media SEO & Website Build

Geraldine met Sarah through Paul Salmon Spiritualist Medium when she appeared as a guest on The Eternal Spirit Show. Sarah and Gel hit it off instantly and soon GlassBox Media CIC was called upon to revamp Gels outdated website. Here are the before images:

With this website Geraldine knew it needed simplifying and modernising but had no idea where to start, Sarah simply said to Gel, trust me I have the perfect site layout/design in mind. Voila!

The website is fully integrated with Geraldines own social media, as well as add to any share buttons which allow her followers to share pages of her site directly to their own social media channels. One key element was Geraldines ability to be able to sell her services and her published books on her site. The site has a fully integrated Paypal Shopping Cart, which when used, the buyer can buy multiple items in one go rather than as individual purchased. A new book shop was created with embedded links to her Amazon selling page.

To visit her site click here: Believe in Miracles Like her on Facebook

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