Iron Sky’s Timo Vuorensola

Timo Vuorensola, director of Iron Sky

Timo Vuorensola, director of Iron Sky (Photo credit: P1r)

GlassBox Media was lucky enough to speak to the driving force behind this years epic Iron Sky movie featuring space Nazis preparing for their return to Earth. We caught up with Timo Vuorensola on how things happened and what is to follow for the Iron Sky universe!

Hello Timo and thank you for speaking with us. Firstly, congratulations on the success of Iron Sky! I followed the film during its early stages of pre-production and was impressed with how close the team was with fans over the years. Did you expect the huge level of response from fans and can we expect this same community style approach for future projects from you?

I always knew the film would have a large audience outside of Finland due to our fanbase and collaborative work method, but no, I really wasn’t able to wish such a large and worldwide recognition on the film.

The Iron Sky universe is huge with a board game, comic book spin offs and a multiplatform console game. It is almost unheard of for smaller films to obtain this amount of attention. How did these projects come about?

All of that is very organically grown and based on what we would like to have on films we love. We love merchandise, and we try our wings on every direction and see what works and what doesn’t.

It was recently revealed that an extended version of the film is planned for release. How much extra footage will be included?

Approximately 20 minutes more of material.

It’s been mentioned that a prequel and sequel are planned. Any details as to where these films would go? Soviets on Mars maybe?

Can’t tell too much details, other than the working title for sequel is “Iron Sky 2: The Coming Race” – and the prequel goes by the working title “Houston, we have a problem.”

Iron Sky posters

Iron Sky: out now! (Photo credit: Hannu-Makarainen)

You were lucky enough to get Laibach to provide the Iron Sky soundtrack. Who would you like to see provide a sequels soundtrack? Hanzel Und Gretyl maybe?

We actually had discussions with [Hanzel Und Gretyl] and became friends with them, but at least on first Iron Sky’s soundtrack we didn’t work together, mainly because Laibach had a very thorough control over the music, and their style being so strong, adding additional music to it would make it a bit funny. For sequel, we’re planning to work together with Laibach, but who knows who else there’s going to be added into the soap.

Do you think a stage adaption of Iron Sky could work? It could be a bizarre success!

Of course it would! I think, at least :)

A promo trailer for new film ‘Jeremiah Harm’ has been released. Will this film be fan funded like Iron Sky or are there other plans for funding?

Jerry won’t be crowd funded, the financing structure is different, but we will be crowd sourcing many other elements of the film. We started by asking the community to create us 1 million aliens.

Another upcoming project is ‘I Killed Adolf Hitler’. Can you tell us a little bit more about it?

It’s a time travel film based on a graphic novel by the same name; the story follows two hitmen sent back in time to assassinate Adolf Hitler – who escapes the attempt, manages to steal the time machine and shows up in 70’s London.

Thank you very much for talking to us!

Iron Sky is now available to purchase on DVD and Blu-Ray here and here.

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