Promotional Video for SEO

Key Reasons for a Promotional Video:

* Branding

* Links

* Competitive Advantage

* XML Video Sitemaps

* Search Engine Optimisation Rankings

While there is plenty of disagreement among marketers as to the best method to improve your search rankings, very little is being done to promote a solution.

There is one specific strategy that is sure to benefit your business. What’s the secret? Believe it or not, online videos are head and shoulders above the rest for search rankings. ?

Search engines use key words as a factor in their overall ranking algorithm and a ton of other boring info that you don’t need to know.  This is part of the issue, it’s information overload.

When the .com revolution took hold, everyone was scrambling to get their hands on a website. That was over a decade ago and since then people have looked upon their websites as their trusted link, or their external face to clients and stakeholders, friends and families, almost as their global footprint and rightly so.

As we have a rather depressed global economy the ones who will do well out of it are the ones who are doing something about it.  It’s hard to stand out and video and GlassBox Media can help to stop you being invisible.


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