Protafield/Jayce Lewis Interview

GlassBox Media got the chance to speak to Protafield’s Jayce Lewis ahead of their debut album ‘Nemesis’. See our review here.

What does the band name mean and how does it connect to the lyrical themes of ‘Nemesis’?

Its a concept name from myself and Burton (Fear Factory) basically ‘The birth of a new movement’, the name change now means that its a themed act, everything fits and it just heads up the subject matter of my lyrics too… Burton really helped there with that.

Protafield Interview GlassBox Media CICWhat prompted you to move from a solo artist to a band?

Its pretty much the same to be honest, I am still writing everything as a solo artist, all instruments on the album are still all written and played by me, I think the Solo artist name needed to change as it was landing the project in a few tiring situations that kept repeating over and over again, it feels right now.

With the change of solo to band, have you found that having other instrumentalists have abled you to expand technicality and creativeness with Protafield?

Well, as I mentioned its pretty much the same… I write it all and play it all, but having a band of people that are willing to be moulded into the vision I have had from day 1 is a rare thing, the best thing thats coming out of that, is that they are adding their own touch to it now that exceeds what I had in mind….and that is exciting, I think it will be more a case that I referee everything more than drive and create.

‘Nemesis’ features some impressive guest stars including Roger Taylor, Gary Numan, Mattias La Eklundh and Lance Henriksen. Who would you like to feature on Protafield’s follow up album and what do you think they would bring to your sound?

I already have a few people lined up, and in mind…. when they get involved I will be very excited to see what they bring, but I can’t say to much until that album is done ;)

You’ve toured with the likes of Combichrist and Gary Numan. What other bands would you like to tour with in the future if possible?

I would like to tour with Korn, Rammstein, Rob Zombie, Marylin Manson, Depeche Mode, Prodigy and loads of others… I think that would work very well.

This summer you are making two UK festival appearances at Alt-Fest and Sonisphere. How does it feel to be playing on these bills and what can people expect from the shows?

It’s great to be added to these festivals, both Alt-Fest and Sonisphere have an immense line up so sharing a festival with these acts is perfect for us, we are also doing Forever Sun Festival in Dorset which is an awesome festival and has been going for some years with great success. Expect LOUD, PROUD and Thumping tunes!

Can UK fans expect a full tour later in the year or next?

At this stage we have to do the ground work and put in the hours with getting the Protafield name out there, although a lot of the hardcore fans that come to see us know the change, many who heard my solo name wouldn’t associate Protafield with that… so we have some work to do before any headline tours happen, we are however touring with HellYeah in August – Germany and UK

What have been the most important albums in your life that have shaped the music you make?

Queen (Innuendo) and Queen (Fame), Therapy (Nurse) Therapy (Troublegum), Sepultura (Chaos AD), Machine Head (Burn My eyes), Fear Factory (Demanufacture) Fear Factory (Obsolete), Mudvayne (LD 50), Deftones (Koi No Yokan), Nero (Welcome Reality)

If ‘Nemesis’ was the soundtrack to any movie, what would it be and why?

I think maybe Matrix or Blade, it has that dark element but romance and madness :) pretty much just like me

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