Social Media SEO

Social Media SEO

What we can do to raise your Social Media SEO

* Create a compelling video to engage with your target customers using latest Adobe special effects software, technology and animation

* Bring exposure to your business, through helping you correctly promote your video on the various online platforms available

* Help elevate you from your competitors

Video carries a lot more impact than text: yes, video is linear and your audience has to sit through it, but video gives you the chance to create an impact, guide your audience through things and give your audience the chance to really get to know you.

And there are so many platforms available from which to engage that audience through:

In addition to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slideshare, Pinterest and Google + there are two more rising sites in the UK.

The top two social media outlets embracing social video are Vine and Instagram two platforms which are easily manageable and will target audiences across a variety of age brackets.



It’s safe to say Vine is here to stay. Twitter’s social video sharing tool has gained rapid popularity and many brands are using the six-second loop videos in creative ways to engage their audiences and build brand visibility. Brands are using the platform to create mini-advertisements, behind-the-scenes tours, contests, and more. Vine videos can be viewed and shared from directly within Twitter and it’s easy to capture your audience’s attention.





Instagram Video


This mobile photo editing and sharing app added 15-second video option to create a complete sharing experience for its already established user base. With classic Instagram filters and one-play option instead of looping the videos, Instagram provides a viewer-friendly experience. Combining photos and videos, this social community is booming with brands integrating video into their social media strategy. According to Simply Measured, 40% of leading brands are active on Instagram and over 25% are posting more than one photo or video per week.


BusinessBox Team

If you would like assistance in setting up any of the following social media pages and guidance in how to effectively manage them, we work alongside Gemma Thompson of Social Media Illumination, not only will she guide you through the set up processes, she will work out your Social Media Marketing needs and create a social media marketing strategy for you. For more information on Social Media Click here

If you are struggling to manage your Facebook pages and find yourself stuck for time to post, Linda Rumbold offers Facebook Management. to discuss this further Click here

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