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E-Connect Videos – Journey

E-Connect Videos – Journey GlassBox Media CIC, is one on many businesses who have taken part in The Eastern Enterprise Hub’s ‘E-Connect’ programme. In this short video, Sarah talks through her personal journey and...

Social Media Illumination

Social Media Illumination

Gemma Thompson from Social Media Illumination was our guest speaker at Julys Ipswich Breakfast Club meeting. She gave us an insightful view on LinkedIn and after the presentation a lively chat about Social Media...

hanzel und gretyl

Achtung! Hanzel Und Gretyl

Hanzel Und Gretyl: Der Übermensch! GlassBox Media were lucky enough to get the chance to speak with Hanzel Und Gretyl’s lead man Kaizer Von Loopy ahead of the bands UK tour with Deadcell. Late...

man of steel 0

‘Man of Steel': Superman Review

Man of Steel (2013) Bringing the Last Son of Krypton to the silver screen has always been difficult business, and although Christopher Reeve’s campy seventies-and-eighties incarnations of the Man of Steel have become cult...

Physical vs. Digital

Physical vs. Digital

With the recent news of HMV going into administration, is the future of the physical release on the sharp decline or is online shopping simply to blame? Physical vs. Digital! In the last year, digital...

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour

A GlassBox Media member of staff went to visit what is formerly Leavesden Aerodrome built shortly after WWII. Upon arrival, there is little to suggest of the magic and fantasy synonymous with the best...