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Skindred Invade Ipswich

GlassBox Media is very proud to announce this interview as an exclusive with Skindred during their last Union Black tour. Ahead of their performance at the Railway Inn in Ipswich, we discussed the past, present and future...


Deadcell Exclusive

GlassBox Media is proud to announce an exclusive interview with Deadcell front man Marcus Bodine. We find out what keeps the man going and what comes next for the industrial machine. Thank you for taking your...

iron sky

Iron Sky’s Timo Vuorensola

GlassBox Media was lucky enough to speak to the driving force behind this years epic Iron Sky movie featuring space Nazis preparing for their return to Earth. We caught up with Timo Vuorensola on how things...

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour

Warner Brothers Harry Potter Tour

A GlassBox Media member of staff went to visit what is formerly Leavesden Aerodrome built shortly after WWII. Upon arrival, there is little to suggest of the magic and fantasy synonymous with the best...

Ancient Technology: Us or Them?

Ancient Technology: Us or Them?

So yes…you’ve found yourself on the weird part of Glassbox. The part that thinks outside the box but in just a weird and conspiracy nut like manner. After watching an interesting (and fair to...


Advanced WordPress SEO

A client of mine once asked me to help him with on-site WordPress Theme SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And ultimately inspired me to write this short guide. This is only a short guide and...



The Community surrounding Felixstowe is highly diverse. The past few years have seen a dramatic change in public opinion on volunteering and giving up spare time to community based initiatives.