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Video SEO

Videos are directly linked to search engine rankings, known as SEO: Search Engine Optimisation.

* Are you hosting your video on the right platforms,

* Are you SEO tagging your video and the correct SEO buzz words

* Are you utilising the vast amount of video hosting pages and social media sites available to promote your video?

Why is a video important to your website SEO rankings?

we remember more from videoYouTube is the number two search engine in the world second only to Google which owns YouTube. This may lead you to the conclusion that we simply don’t like to read anymore. But the video preference situation we’re witnessing is much more detailed than that.

There are multiple online social media platforms and video hosting sites each have the vast potential to elevate your companies online SEO rankings an online presence to use and draw in new customers.

Guiding you through the minefield

We can help you navigate the various video platforms available ensuring that your promotional video gets the maximum exposure and SEO Ranking. YouTubeFacebookTwitterLinkedInSlide SharePintrest and Google + are just some of the ones available.

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Google and Video SEO

Mobile-commerce-statistics-2014-researchYouTube is currently the most famous social media platform and popular means of which to host your video on as well as exposure to potential customers. It is also owned by Google so naturally having video on YouTube increases your SEO ranking on that search engine as Google gets revenue directly through YouTube so naturally like any business owner it wants the best for its company.

Google is releasing a new ‘channel gadget’ that will aim to shorten the path to purchase and translate video views to sales. The new technology will finally allow brands to sell products through their YouTube Channels.

The new ‘shoppable’ videos will allow brands to partner with third-party technology providers to allow viewers to click on a product and make a purchase.

Google described the changes in an article post:

“To shorten the path to purchase and translate video views to sales, today we’re introducing a new channel gadget on YouTube that will enable consumer goods brands to connect consumers directly with retailers throughout the entire YouTube experience. This new channel gadget will enable shoppers to seamlessly move from browsing how-to videos and featured products to finding which retailers carry them, check availability, compare prices and make a purchase, all with fewer clicks than today.”
Hair care brand, TREsemmé, is the first to use the technology and has already built a YouTube channel featuring read more a number of prominent YouTube personalities and other trend setters in the hair and beauty category.

To read and learn more about what TREsemme have created click here to read their article in their online blog.

Our video packages include

* SEO training on how to maximise your videos potential

* SEO Training on how to keep your site on page one

* SEO Maintenance should you need help each month



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