The Community surrounding Felixstowe is highly diverse.

The past few years have seen a dramatic change in public opinion on volunteering and giving up spare time to community based initiatives.

People are a lot more forward in talking about community projects they are involved in it seems to have become socially respectable to be holding down a voluntary role within a local organisation. Yet there is still some way to go

With the decline in paid employment and people looking for something to be doing, organisations have found themselves inundated with people wanting to offer up their time for worthy causes.

This has been encouraged by government schemes encouraging people to volunteer as it looks favorably when seeking employment that you have been something constructive with your time rather than simply watching day time TV.

However whilst an increase in workforce may be the case, charities and community organisations are struggling to get funding and donations. It is not surprising given the current economic climate.

Volunteering in the UK is not a well funded as it is in European countries.

For instance in Italy, it is mandatory for corporations to donate profits to voluntary organisations with no return on their investment. Yet in other countries such as Serbia it is impossible for NGOs to be able to get any form of funding unless they have been ‘trading’ for certain amount of time and in that interim period they struggle to get off the ground.

Whilst there are many funding pots available, there are many hoops which have to be jumped through in order to even be short listed for funding. The UK really needs to look to introducing some more relaxed funding for small start up organisations who have no trading experience yet need assistance in covering their start up costs.

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