Alpha Executive Cars – Promotional Video

Dave and Sarah from GlassBox Media CIC met on a Facebook business page when Sarah was looking for a chauffeur service to take her and her friends to a concert in Wembley. On their trip, it transpired that Dave was looking into a promotional video to promote his then new company. Soon lots of ideas were being banded around and over the course of the three hour drive a plan was formed.

The nature of Dave’s job often see’s him spending a day driving someone to a from meetings so we wanted to convey and entire day so to speak with a client. This involved various location shots interspersed with some scene setting atmospheric shots. As Dave originally put it, ‘shots like they do on Top Gear!’

As Dave points out in his testimonial, there are various personal reasons, as to why the video has yet to be made public. Despite this, the two of them are now firm friends and a future collaboration is certainly on the cards. but hopefully in the near future it will be.

“I consulted with Sarah on a project for my business concerning video production. Whilst we haven’t proceeded with the video at this stage (for entirely our own reasons), time spent with Sarah proved invaluable. Her infectious enthusiasm for the project and indeed her client-base as a whole is the first thing that makes her stand out. When you’re struggling for ideas and inspiration yourself, it’s refreshing to have someone like her almost gush ideas, to get your own creative juices flowing, as the old saying goes. Sarah certainly comes across as one of the “bubbly creative types” which is, I feel, a big asset for her business, as what she does needs that kind of character. She’s also remarkably passionate about all that she gets involved with, which definitely rubs off.” – David Burke – Owner of Alpha Executive Cars

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