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Hanzel Und Gretyl: Der Übermensch!

GlassBox Media were lucky enough to get the chance to speak with Hanzel Und Gretyl’s lead man Kaizer Von Loopy ahead of the bands UK tour with Deadcell.

Late last year you released your sixth album, ‘Born To Be Heiled’ which has a new level of intensity along with surprising tracks like ‘More German Than German’ and ‘I’m Movin’ To Deutschland’. It hasn’t been released in some parts of the world such as the UK. Is there any specific reason for this and how have the fans responded to the album?

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Kaizer Von Loopy (Photo Credit: Sebastian Dooris)


KAIZER VON LOOPY: As it happens, the CD will be distributed throughout Europe and the world by our U.S. label Metropolis Records. It should be available by spring 2013. A remix album was part of the distribution deal as well. The entire CD has been remixed for Hanzel und Gretyl and Metropolis by me under the moniker “KyzrWölf”.

The evolution of your sound has gone from industrial dance rock to industrial metal. Although you’ve only just released ‘Born To Be Heiled’, which direction can you see a next album going in?

KVL: Well, when we signed to Metropolis this time, I recommended they spawn a subsidiary label called “Metropolis Metal” so we and perhaps future industrial metal bands could distinguish ourselves from the purely synthesizer based units. They did just that so you can certainly expect it will be METAL. On ‘Born To Be Heiled’ we experimented with all forms of metal and classic rock in an industrial framework. We are proud practitioners of the dubious art of “false metal” although I prefer to call it future-metal myself! FU-METAL if you will… a.k.a FUKKEN UBER METAL!!

It’s been nearly 16 years since your last music video. Is there any desire to make a new video for a track from the new album and what song would you pick?

KVL: There is certainly the desire but videos are very specific. We would want the right director and if that person is not available then I suppose I need to get a Go Pro camera, a case of beer and a bottle of Jägermeister and let ‘er rip!! Personally, I would like to do a video for “More German Than German”.

We recently spoke to Timo Vuorensola and we asked about the possibility of Hanzel Und Gretyl creating the score to a sequel/prequel of Iron Sky as you seem a perfect match. Although Laibach have been invited back, would you be interested and what would you bring to an Iron Sky soundtrack?

KVL: We did meet with Timo, the director, Jarmo, the creator, and Oliver one of the producers about our possible involvement in both Finland and NYC. However they had already acquired Laibach and if you are a fan of Laibach, which I most certainly am, you know that they value exclusivity and a controlled work environment so we didn’t really get our hopes up about being integrally involved but it was great to have met and become acquainted with the makers of the film Timo Vuorensola and Jarmo Puskala!! Like us these guys are artistically fearless and uncompromising so we felt an instant kinship!! I’ve watched the film more times than I care to admit! In fact, I run it on my iMac during the invasion scenes while I’m doing Hanzel und Gretyl mixes. (Without sound) sorry Laibach! I have seen some excerpts of the film set to Hanzel und Gretyl songs on YouTube and I think they do rather compliment the film if I say so myself.

Speaking of films, ‘Hansel and Gretel’ is to be released this year. If the film was about you, what alternative plot would you go with?

GlassBox Media CIC - Suffolk Ipswich Video Production Hanzel Und Gretyl

Hanzel Und Gretyl

KVL: As you might have guessed, we will not be scoring this movie either! It’s a movie about a grown up Hansel and Gretel dressed in leather and dispensing random badassery!! …which ponders the question, who do we gotta blow ta get a movie soundtrack??? Anyways, since you asked, I suppose if you were to somehow meld Iron Sky with Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters you would certainly be getting closer to the cinematic embodiment of our elusive vision.

Over the years you’ve had more drummers than Spinal Tap (which is quite impressive)! For the last year you’ve had no drummer and instead used a drum track. Does this add something more to your live sound or was it a case of no one ever knowing who the drummer was?

KVL: We never set out to be a band without a drummer. The short answer to your question is that our last drummer Chris Kling was so perfect for us that we just gave up looking when he became unavailable! On the upside though, it makes for very quick booking of overseas shows logistically speaking and very light travelling here in the U.S. Sonically it becomes more machine-like which is not necessarily bad but of course there’s no substitute for a live drummer which some people are bothered by but those people tend to be drummers that want to join our band.

You’ve toured with many bands including Rammstein, Ministry, Marilyn Manson, Cradle of Filth and Deadcell. With a list like that, what have been your craziest backstage moments?

KVL: The craziest ones I just couldn’t put in print unless you are the owner/operator of a multi-billion dollar publishing company! Backstage at one of the Ministry shows though, I did get Jello Biafra to sign my personal 1st printing of “UBER ALLES” and he wrote “CALIFORNIA” on top of it!! Perhaps not a crazy story but one that will no doubt live eternally in annals of rock history. Haha I said “annals”.

You have a new project coming up called ‘KyzrWölf. Can you give us any details about the project and when we can expect it?

KVL: Yes, KyzrWölf is a primarily electronic project I’m spawning. As mentioned in the earlier question, KyzrWölf will be remixing the entirety of BORN TO BE HEILED to be released worldwide on Metropolis Records on Oktober 8, 2013. The CD is called “HANZEL UND GRETYL FÜR IMMER”. After cultivating a predominantly metal sound for so many years, I was itching to do something less organic meaning less or no guitars and/or human vocals. KyzrWölf’s forthcoming release will mark my foray or I should say “return” to the world of all things synthetic. Anybody who enjoyed our early material, which is out of print, should appreciate KyzrWölf!!

It’s been over 3 years since your last UK show. Will there be plans to play ‘Born To Be Heiled’ to these chilly shores?

KVL: ABSOLOOPY there will be!! It has been way too long and I miss me fish n’ chips and wee pints!!! We will be all over the U.K. in September 2013!! Very excited!!

Gangnam Style. Ja or Nein?

KVL: I should point out that over 6 months has transpired since this interview was sent so I am changing my answer to NEIN!!

Hanzel Und Gretyl tour with Deadcell in the UK September 2013:

SEPT 25 Bannerman- Edinburgh, UK
SEPT 26 Eddies- Birmingham, UK
SEPT 27 Corporation-Sheffield, UK
SEPT 28 Bogiez- Cardiff, UK
SEPT 29 Underworld-London, UK

Check venue websites for tickets!

Visit Hanzel Und Gretyl’s official site und Facebook.

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