Property Problem Solutions – Website design and build

Julie Pinder met Sarah from GlassBox Media over a neighbours garden fence one day and she said, I’m looking to get my company up and running soon, Sarah said Oh do tell and soon she was helping Julie realise her dreams. Not only is GlassBox Media responsible for the build of the website, Sarah also designed Julies logo and is going to be managing all her publicity material, marketing strategy and social media pages.

Property Problem Solutions is an unusual website as it is using a new type of domain as in its .solutions not the traditional or .org. This is an excellent solution (no pun intended) to people with unusual company names and its also a great way of maximising your search engine rankings.

Client Testimonial

“I just wanted to let you know how great it was working with you on my website. I don’t think I would have ever got it done without you. You didn’t just design a great website for me, which obviously I couldn’t do myself but you spurred me on and encouraged me throughout the whole process. I wrote a business plan for the first time in my life and then from that all the content for my website just spilled out. I wrote it in my business plan and I will say it again here, Sarah you are like a business coach and mentor as well as a brilliant website designer. Oh…and with the patience of a saint!” – Julie Dawn Pinder. PropertyProblem.Solutions

To visit the site click here

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