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Social Media Illumination

Gemma Thompson from Social Media Illumination was our guest speaker at Julys Ipswich Breakfast Club meeting.

She gave us an insightful view on LinkedIn and after the presentation a lively chat about Social Media Fears and Misconceptions broke out which was a wonderful way to round off yet another successful Ipswich Breakfast Club.

Gemma founded Social Media Illumination in 2010 and has built the company on the ever growing social media foundations of today’s society.

Social Media Illumination will guide you through the world of Twitter Facebook, Target Audience Creation, LinkedIn Marketing, Blogging and Vlogging and much more.

Ultimately Gemma will help you get a better understanding that Social Media Marketing is not the same as advertising, networking or PR even though is has aspects in common with all three.

Grasping Social Media Marketing can change the way that you do business and could keep you in business where others are failing.

If you would like to learn some clever hints, tips and advice on improving your LinkedIn profile or simply know where to start, here is the presentation Gemma delivered at Ipswich Breakfast Club.

To find out if Gemma can help you, all of her contact information is on the final slide in the presentation, so sit back, get a cuppa and a notepad, relax and enjoy the presentation.

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